Perhaps I Got It Right: A Nice Endorsement for ‘Our Last Hope’


When I set out to write the moral, historical and constitutional case for nullification, I knew I had a tough task ahead of me. After all, most Americans have never heard of nullification. And the constitutional and philosophical principles nullification rest on remain alien to even well-educated Americans. My goal in writing Our Last Hope: […]

Constitution 101: Was the Constitution Ratified By States or One American People?


This is the third article in a series on basic constitutional principles. Was the Constitution ratified by the American people as “one nation” or was it ratified by the states? As pointed out in last week’s Constitution 101 post, the people stand as the sovereign in the system. So it was the people who ratified […]

Does the Bible Demand Political Redistribution of Wealth?


According to a ThinkProgress article, Pope Francis says the bible demands redistribution of wealth. The article reports that “Pope Francis called for ‘the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits’ on Friday.” Francis used the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector (Luke 19:1-10) who pledged to give half of everything he owned to the poor and make […]

Limiting States, Expanding Feds: Amendment Effort on the Left


My latest article just published over at the Tenth Amendment Center. It examines the constitutional amendment proposals of retired Justice John Paul Stevens. To say they are dangerous would be an understatement. Following is an excerpt. You can read the whole article over at the Tenth Amendment Center. Retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens […]

Constitution 101: The Nature of the Federal Government

Article I.tif

To understand the extent of federal power, we must first understand generally what type of government the Constitution created. During the Philadelphia Convention, many framers favored a strong national government. In fact, James Madison even proposed a federal veto on state laws. But as the convention wore on, delegates voted down proposals to create a […]

Nevada, You Have a Problem!


Nevada, you have a problem. Many have framed the standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Federal Bureau of Land Management as a “states’ rights” issue. Consider this summary by CBS News. “The fight between Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management widened into a debate about states’ rights and federal land-use policy. Bundy […]

Pulling History Out of the Orwellian Memory Hole


In the dystopian world created by George Orwell in 1984, inconvenient truth disappeared down a memory hole. The Ministry of Truth frequently updated history to coincide with the messaging of the day. Whenever the official story changed, all evidence of the previous incarnation of truth was systematically destroyed. In the walls of the cubicle there […]