Orwellian Doublethink in the Nevada Declaration of Rights

In the dystopian novel 1984, the Party encourages “doublethink” as part of its strategy to control the people. Orwell defined doublethink as the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in different contexts. It was the Party’s way of controlling thought through the manipulation of language. To know and not to […]

Check Your Work!

My friend Michael Lotfi published a brilliant piece of political satire yesterday. Lotfi “reported” a speech by Pres. Obama urging D.C. interns not to celebrate the Fourth of July and questioning the wisdom of breaking from Great Britain. Why then on the Fourth of July should you celebrate such a radical break from what is […]

Waiting for Our Overlords

Today, Americans wait in eager anticipation for their nine overlords to define marriage for them. Look, I understand the emotional positions held by folks on both sides of the gay marriage issue. But let’s take a step back and consider the absurdity: we’ve essentially empowered five judges to define one of societies most basic relationships […]

A Higher Law

I’ve spent much of the last three years studying and defending the principle of state nullification of unconstitutional acts. The philosophical basis for state nullification rests on delegation of powers and the structure of the system created by the Constitution. But other forms of nullification exist, finding their legitimacy in even higher authorities. At the […]

Lesson Learned on NSA Spying? Hopefully?

Originally posted at www.tenthamendmentcenter.com Dear Republican, I hear you’re a little miffed at Obama’s National Security Agency collecting phone records of millions of innocent American Verizon customers. I read some comments on the “bombshell” over at Townhall.com. Guy Benson seems displeased. I here ya! I’m more than a little perturbed myself. I was always under […]

Let the Racists Rant

Have you seen the “controversial” Cheerios commercial yet? Actually, it’s adorable. The “controversy” stems from the fact a bunch of neanderthal racists got all torqued up because the commercial features an interracial couple and a biracial child. They spammed the comments section on YouTube to the point that administrators had to shut commenting down. Then […]