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133 Words or Less: Economic Dummies


The level of economic ignorance in America astounds and saddens me. This morning and advocate for a local project told a TV reporter that, “The cost won’t be as high because we’ve got some federal money.” Wrong. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The fact you obtained funds doesn’t change the cost of your project. The price-tag remains […]

133 Words or Less: Foreign Policy Central Planning Fails Just Like Economic Central Planning


Centralized economic planning fails due to a knowledge problem. No individual, nor group of individuals, can command all of the information necessary to anticipate every possible outcome of a policy. The solution they conceive for one problem inevitably results in unintended consequences and unforeseen negative impacts that ripple through the economy. The American right generally […]

Submit to the Law…Always?


In the decades prior to the Civil War, hundreds of men and women risked their own lives and freedom to help blacks escape slavery in the South. I used to consider the people who organized and ran the Underground Railroad heroic, but apparently I was wrong. They were merely lawbreakers who deserved nothing more than […]

Power v. Authority


Frequently, federal supremacists tell me that the Civil War “settled” the issue of state sovereignty. Essentially, apologists for absolute federal power advancing this argument hold a “might makes right” point of view. From their perspective, the intent of the Constitution means nothing. The fact that Lincoln ultimately fielded superior military force makes his view, and […]

133 Words or Less: You’re Shredding the Constitution


Our motto at the Tenth Amendment Center is, “Follow the Constitution, every issue, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.” The US launched yet another illegal war with no declaration by Congress. Many justify the president’s unilateral decision to bomb Syria, arguing, “It needs to be done,” or, “Every president since Roosevelt has done it.” Exceptions […]

Constitution 101: The 2nd Amendment Militia


Two weeks ago, we looked at the Second Amendment and determined that it prohibited any federal infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, and that the prohibition even includes restrictions imposed while exercising legitimate federal power. This week we will look at the connection between the militia and the Second Amendment. “A well […]

Conservative Foreign Policy Centralizers


This question perplexes me: how is it that in the modern conservative mind, when it comes to domestic and economic policy, government can’t do anything right and the people making the decisions are imbeciles, but when it comes to foreign policy, these exact same people suddenly become geniuses? Consider… Conservatives hate the idea of centralized […]