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Lesson Learned on NSA Spying? Hopefully?

Originally posted at Dear Republican, I hear you’re a little miffed at Obama’s National Security Agency collecting phone records of millions of innocent American Verizon customers. I read some comments on the “bombshell” over at Guy Benson seems displeased. I here ya! I’m more than a little perturbed myself. I was always under […]

Let the Racists Rant

Have you seen the “controversial” Cheerios commercial yet? Actually, it’s adorable. The “controversy” stems from the fact a bunch of neanderthal racists got all torqued up because the commercial features an interracial couple and a biracial child. They spammed the comments section on YouTube to the point that administrators had to shut commenting down. Then […]

Thinking in a Box

Here’s a fun game you can play during a meeting break or at a dreadfully boring party. Declare yourself a libertarian and start talking about the need to limit the role of government, and then see how long it take before somebody says, “Oh yeah? What about the roads!?!” I promise; it won’t take long. […]

Only Seeing Half the Story

People have an amazing ability to draw definitive conclusions while only considering one half of the equation. Political philosopher Frederic Bastiat wrote an entire collection of essays illustrating this reality – That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen In the department of economy, an act, a habit, an institution, a law, gives […]

The Tangled Logic of a Critic

I recently wrote an article arguing that the federal government was never meant to serve as a “liberty enforcement squad.” I was basically trying to illustrate the concept of delegation of powers through the use of an analogy. Ross sent me an email taking me to task. He believes the federal government SHOULD enforce its […]

Commerce Clause Does Not Trump the Second Amendment

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve read comments from several “legal experts” asserting that the Constitution’s commerce clause allows for the regulation of firearms.  Granted, the Supreme Court would likely agree with that assessment. The Court has basically stretched the commerce clause to the point that it allows the federal government to do anything […]