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Commerce Clause Does Not Trump the Second Amendment

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve read comments from several “legal experts” asserting that the Constitution’s commerce clause allows for the regulation of firearms.  Granted, the Supreme Court would likely agree with that assessment. The Court has basically stretched the commerce clause to the point that it allows the federal government to do anything […]

The Constitution means what it means!

Many Americans treat the Constitution like a moving target. Recently, I’ve faced opposition to various constitutional arguments falling into two broad categories. 1. Those who embrace the “living breathing” philosophy. These folks generally believe the constitution was meant to “flex” with the times. They will still hold fast, even tenaciously, to certain constitutional principles, but […]

Monopoly: Good Board Game, Bad Politics

My wife manages a store for the country’s largest grocery chain. Kroger raked in over $90 billion in sales during fiscal year 2012. The company employees some 339,000 people and runs more than 3,000 stores, either directly or through its subsidiaries. Now imagine for a moment Kroger was granted a total monopoly on grocery sales […]

Foundational Principles

It takes about 37 seconds of involvement in the political process to realize that most of the players don’t root their actions in any principles. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that pragmatism is their principle. By and large, politics is all about seizing, consolidating and holding on to power. That’s why […]

Trying Times

I’m an optimist by nature. Even so, sometimes I become discouraged and frustrated. Activism certainly has its ups and downs, and the downs can become downright disillusioning. I had one of those nights earlier this week. I spoke at an event, passionately presenting the blueprint for rolling back overreaching federal power through nullification at the […]

Why I Fight…

Sometimes I rail against people whose lives revolve around the next big ballgame or the next episode of American Idol. And sometimes I envy them. Every morning I wake up knowing I will find myself in some kind of fight. I never know where the attack will come from. Perhaps from a politician. Maybe from […]

Nanny Bloomberg’s Declaration of War

Daddy Bloomberg sometimes knows best. “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said during an appearance on Meet the Press. Here’s a question: do you believe that any person has some inherent attribute that makes him superior to you, and therefore innately bestowed with the […]

Might Makes Right?

I’ve decided I’m going to take a new approach to political activism. Instead of writing and speaking, you know, putting together reasoned arguments with facts and logic, I’m going to just start punching people that disagree with me. Apparently, in Tennessee state Senator Brian Kelsey’s bizarre little world, this an acceptable way to “settle” disputes, […]

Speech at Health Care Rally in Nashville March 10, 2013

On March 10, 2013, I spoke at the Tennessee Rally Against Obamacare in Nashville. I talked about the limited nature of federal authority and a state’s duty when faced with a federal government exercising unconstitutional powers. “I’m going to put it very simply. There is no enumerated power for the federal government to run a […]

Who Decides?

My testimony before the Tennessee State Senate Judiciary Committee in support of SB0250 on February 27, 2013 Hello, my name is Michael Maharrey. I’m the national communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center. I’m honored to be here. As you know, in the opinion of Attorney Gen. Robert Cooper, SB 250 violates the supremacy clause […]