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Constitution 101: Federal Highway Funding Unconstitutional


With a single headline, I just relegated myself to the political fringe. Federal highway funding is unconstitutional. Most people immediately dismissed this statement as out of hand. Extreme. Kookie. This illustrates just how far Americans have strayed from our constitutional roots. Notice what I did not say. I didn’t suggest the federal government shouldn’t fund […]

Obama’s AUMF Is Not Constitutional


Yesterday, Pres. Obama sent a request to Congress for an authorization to use military force against ISIS. The sudden push for congressional authorization for war with ISIS seems a bit odd considering the president asserts he needs no such authorization, especially given the fact that the U.S. has engaged in military options against ISIS since […]

Limiting States, Expanding Feds: Amendment Effort on the Left


My latest article just published over at the Tenth Amendment Center. It examines the constitutional amendment proposals of retired Justice John Paul Stevens. To say they are dangerous would be an understatement. Following is an excerpt. You can read the whole article over at the Tenth Amendment Center. Retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens […]

Pulling History Out of the Orwellian Memory Hole


In the dystopian world created by George Orwell in 1984, inconvenient truth disappeared down a memory hole. The Ministry of Truth frequently updated history to coincide with the messaging of the day. Whenever the official story changed, all evidence of the previous incarnation of truth was systematically destroyed. In the walls of the cubicle there […]