"The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought." - Samuel Adams

Thoughts from Maharrey Head

10 Minutes Closer to Freedom

Thoughts from Maharrey Head is a weekly podcast I produce and record featuring me talking about…well …whatever happens to be bouncing around inside my head at the moment. But mostly I focus on constitutional issues, limited government and decentralization.


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Episode 155: I’m Back!

Episode 153: The War Always Comes Home

Episode 152: War Powers Revisited

Episode 151: Impeached! Meanwhile…

Episode 150: The Constitution Is a Political Prop

Episode 149: A Dose of Their Own Bitter Medicine

Episode 148: What the Heck Happened to the Tea Party

Episode 147: Trump Economic Myth-Making

Episode 146: Debunking the “One Nation” Myth

Episode 145: The Drug War Gets Personal

Episode 144: Smashing Some Nullification Myths

Episode 143: Yes! All of These Undeclared Wars Are Illegal!

Episode 142: A Dose of Dumb

Episode 141: But Mike…It’s the Law!

Episode 140: Debt, Deficits and Spending Out the Wazoo

Episode 139: Sucky Strategy Sucks

Episode 138: The Electoral College

Episode 137: The Death of the Limited Government Republicans

Episode 136: Constitutional Tomfoolery

Episode 135: Nullification Works! Even the Drug Warriors Know It

Episode 134: Clarifying the Legal Status of Hemp and CBD

Episode 133: Good Trump; Bad Trump

Episode 132: Obamacare Still Sucks

Episode 131: So Long Jeff Sessions!

Episode 130: Here’s How We Can All Just Get Along

Episode 129: Personal Reflections on Politics and Stuff

Episode 128: Hurtling Toward a Fiscal Cliff With the GOP in the Driver’s Seat

Episode 127: Farewell to George

Episode 126: A Federal Debt Spiral and Delusional Trump Supporters

Episode 125: Burning My Nikes and Eating Chick-Fil-A

Episode 124: I’m an Obama Loving Dumbcrat

Episode 123: Immigration

Episode 122: Iowa Nullifies the U.S. Supreme Court

Episode 121: A Government Right to Privacy?

Episode 120: Trump Is Setting Himself Up as a Fall-Guy

Episode 119: Cult of Personality

Episode 118: Conceal Carry Reciprocity and the Constitution

Episode 117: The Price of Liberty

Episode 116: Stupid Partisan Politics

Episode 115: End the Fed!

Episode 114: So…You Have Nothing to Hide?

Episode 113: Big Win at the Supreme Court

Episode 112: The Degeneracy of War

Episode 111: My Obamacare Nightmare

Episode 110: The Power to Make War

Episode 109: Zuckerberg Goes to Congress

Episode 108: Baseball, The Constitution and a Lawyer You Can Trust

Bonus Episode: Talking Federal Supremacy with Suzanne Sherman

Episode 107:  If You Want to Know the Constitution Don’t Call a Lawyer

Episode 106: Democrats and Republicans – Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference

Episode 105: Trumpanomics

Episode 104: Jeff Sessions Is Just Like Rachel Maddow

Episode 103: Nullify Obamacare!

Episode 102: The Constitution Isn’t Silly Putty

Episode 101: The Second Amendment Wasn’t for Hunters

Episode 100: Ideology and the Constitution

Episode 99: America’s First Immigration Debate

Episode 98: Fourth of July Fireworks and Nullification

Episode 97: Centralized Government Is No Friend of Minorities

Episode 96: The States vs. the Federal Reserve

Episode 95: Free Speech for Real

Episode 94: The Preamble to the Constitution

Episode 93: Trump and the Dog of War

Episode 92: Red Team! Blue Team! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Episode 91: Anything and Everything for Common Defense?

Episode 90: Sanctuary Cities and the Tenth Amendment

Episode 89: Fake News

Episode 88: Outrage Culture

Episode 87: Ask Mike Anything Third Edition

Episode 86: Who’s We?

Episode 85: 9 Reasons Cosmo Should Stick to Orgasms

Episode 84: Barney Fife’s Tanks

Episode 83: Obamacare 2.0

Episode 82: The Constitution is Dead

Episode 81: Getting Rights Wrong

Episode 80: Taking Apart the Federal Behemoth

Episode 79: The Rise of the Brownshirts

Episode 78: The Trump Executive Order the Could Kick Off WWIII

Episode 77: Politicians Are Full of Crap – Rick Perry Edition

Episode 76: Political Hypocrisy

Episode 75: “States’ Rights” and Liberty

Episode 74: Economic Ignorance – Minimum Wage Edition

Episode 73: The Stamp Act Crisis; Protesting Done Right

Episode 72: A Federal Government Beyond Its Authority

Episode 71: Following the Constitution in the Trump Era

Episode 70: Post Election Musings

Episode 69: Does Your Vote Matter to the Constitution?

Episode 68: Ask Me Anything II

Episode 67: Bad Historians

Episode 66: Trump and the Supreme Court

Episode 65: What Is Equality?

Episode 64: Presidential Powers

Episode 63: Basic Economics – Why Centralization Never Works

Episode 62: States’ Rights

Episode 61: The Real American Revolution

Episode 60: Strategy – Pretend D.C. Doesn’t Exist

Episode 59: States Undermining Federal Hemp Prohibition

Episode 58: The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine

Episode 57: Madison’s Blueprint to Stop the Feds

Episode 56: The Great “One Nation” Debate

Episode 55: Is the Federal Government Supreme?

Episode 54: What Is Necessary and Proper?

Bonus Episode: Nullification – The Solution for What Ails Us

Episode 53: Police Violence in America

Episode 52: The Declaration of Independence

Episode 51: Bipartisan Constitution Shredding

Episode 50: Guns

Episode 49: Another Federal Court Fail

Episode 48: The Constitution and General Welfare

Episode 47: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Episode 46: Bombs, Bathrooms and Bad Arguments

Episode 45: Interpreting the Constitution

Episode 44: Big Brother and the Effects of the Surveillance State

Episode 43: Harriet Tubman, Nullification and Making a Difference

Episode 42: The National ID Debacle

Episode 41: The Incorporation Doctrine and the 14th Amendment

Episode 40: The Liberty Enforcement Squad

Episode 39: What Is the Role of the Federal Government?

Episode 38: Ask Me Anything

Episode 37: Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment

Episode 36 – Rewriting Nullification History (With the Truth)

Episode 35 – Donald Trump

Episode 34 – The Constitution and Federal Lands

Episode 33 – Things I Learned in Burns Oregon

Episode 32 – Your Right to Try; Nullifying FDA Rules (With Robert Scott Bell)

Episode 31 – Embracing Tyranny

Episode 30 – Gridlock Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

Episode 29 – The Supreme Court Isn’t…

Episode 28 – The Constitutional Limits of Presidential Power

Episode 27 – Screw D.C.; Focus on the States

Episode 26 – Seeing the Individual

Episode 25 – Economics and Thanksgiving

Episode 24- Why Not War?

Episode 23 – Through Thomas Jefferson’s Eyes

Episode 22 – Can One Person Change the World?

Episode 21 – Nullification and Weed

Episode 20 – Picking on Republicans

Episode 19 – Guns

Episode 18 – Why We Need a Constitutional Foundation

Episode 17 – Heroes of Liberty: Charles Langston and the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue

Episode 16 – How to Limit the Federal Government

Episode 15 – National Power: A Tool for Slavers

Episode 14 – Pushing Beyond the Confederate Flag Soundbites

Episode 13 – Nullification, Slavery and Segregation; It’s Not what You Think

Episode 12 – The Pledge of Allegiance

Episode 11 – Al Sharpton’s Dumb Idea

Episode 10 – Don’t Fear the Feds

Episode 9 – The Power of Noncooperation

Episode 8 – Jefferson and Madison’s Blueprint to Stop Unconstitutional Acts

Episode 7 – My Personal Political Odyssey

Podcast 6 – Montana Governor is an Ignorant Liar

Episode 5 – Cops Support NSA Spying

Episode 4 –  Arizona Newspaper Columnist is the Butt of Her Own Joke

Episode 3 – Why You Should Care About the Surveillance State

Episode 2 – Net Neutrality and Delegated Powers

Episode 1 – Taking on the Anti-Nullifiers

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