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  • Mr. Maharry,
    Thank you for explaining what happened to the price of my cattle. Your report on Wholesome Meat Act sums up packer margins well. But, you might also research Beef Checloff.
    Under federal law I am required to send $1 to the federal Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CCB). These taxes are collected from cattle ranchers and anyone who sells cattle, then distributed to contractors like NCBA. However, CCB is required by federal law to have importers as members.
    The bottomline, I am paying taxes to a Federally mandated group that supports ranchers in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Africa, Argentina, Australia, and almost 40 other countries which send us their beef.
    The ad states “beef is what’s for diner”, not USA beef is what’s for diner. Beef Checkoff is broken.
    Imported beef is one reason packers do not want a country of origin label on beef.
    Captain Yancey

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