"The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought." - Samuel Adams


“When I served as state chair for the Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina, we twice invited Mike Maharrey to speak as a key speaker at our annual convention. His talk was the highlight of the weekend both times. Mike is a passionate speaker and a powerful story-teller. He brings concepts to life. He can encapsulate difficult concepts in a story creating an atmosphere in which people can relate to them. Our membership represents a wide variety of backgrounds and opinions. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter with him. In one of his talks at our convention, he addressed the topic of nullification. Key opponents to nullification in our state were among our audience members, including a sitting state senator and attorney who has spoken against the concept. Even those who came from a position of staunch opposition admitted that they had new things to think about. Mike always brings a powerful message, and keeps the crowd’s attention. When planning the second convention, the first question many members had for me was “Do you think you can get Mike Maharrey to come back and speak again?” That’s quite an endorsement from such a diverse crowd.” Dr. R. Scott Pearson, Chair of Business and Economics, Charleston Southern University, Charleston, SC

“I recently attended one of Michael Maharrey’s speeches…. From beginning to end, Mike demonstrated clear knowledge and understanding of his material. He was able to take a somewhat cumbersome topic and make it both interesting and easy for everyone to comprehend. Mike also answered all audience questions with poise and respect. Needless to say, I left his speech with a new perspective on the U.S. governmental process, and an inspiration to learn more about the Constitution.”  Cece Cornett, Marietta, GA

“Mike Maharrey is a dynamic and knowledgeable advocate for the principles of limited, localized government. Mike understands that Federalism is the gift our Founding Fathers gave us and it must be jealously guarded. I’m pleased to call him a personal friend, but more importantly, a true friend of liberty.” Doug Tjaden, Executive Committee Member – The Statesmen Project, Kansas City, MO

“Mike Maharrey was one of a very small handful of speakers and writers who inspired me when I was new to political activity, and he has continued to do so. His insight is invaluable, and he has a great depth of knowledge – especially on Constitutional issues. I appreciate his down to earth and engaging speaking manner. He draws great parallels, and is still challenging myself and others to think outside the box!”  Amanda Bowers, Mead, WA

“Mike is a dynamic speaker whose passion comes through whenever he presents on a topic he has a deep knowledge of… which are many! Whether he’s tackling something as broad as American History, or as specific as the U.S. Constitution, Mike always keeps the audience engaged. His decades of experience as a journalist is evident through how he’s able to take very complex ideas and communicate them so that anybody can understand them.” Jason Rink, Executive Director, The Foundation for a Free Society, Austin, TX

“Having Mr. Maharrey as a regular guest on The Forgotten Men radio show was a treat for our audience. As a host, I always knew the segments in which he participated would be thought-provoking, entertaining windows into historical truths and contemporary relevance. In addition to his ability to capture the attention of a live audience on-air or in person, Mr. Maharrey is a gifted author who has a unique way of helping a reader identify with a topic and grasp the important nuances of its application today. Simply put, Mr. Maharrey is captivating, yet down to earth.” Joshua Lyons, Co-host of The Forgotten Men Radio Show, Frederick, MD

“Michael Maharrey is an outstanding keynote speaker. He provides a compelling convergence of vital, often forgotten, historical knowledge and an engaging personality. Maharrey weaves the various historical points of his subject matter into a mesmerizing tapestry, bound together by the threads of his love for Liberty and profound Christian faith. As a recognized expert and published writer on issues of political decentralization (including federalism, nullification and interposition), his talks bring vibrant American history to our attention and make that history relevant for today. Those who have the privilege of hearing him speak are well-compensated for the expenditure of their time. …those who hear him speak are able to further delve into the topics discussed by accessing Mr. Maharrey’s writing for the Tenth Amendment Center or the Godarchy website, as well as his books. I enthusiastically endorse Michael Maharrey as a keynote speaker and educator.”  Dennis Marburger, Liberty Activist, Oakland County, MI

“Michael Maharrey is a well-spoken, intensely engaged, public speaker who delivers a compelling argument. While most public speakers give an adequate overview to their talking points, Maharrey goes the extra mile and gets to heart of the matter quickly and stays there, making his  talks both eye-opening and over too soon. While he sprinkles his quick humor throughout, he balances it with a deep well of knowledge. 

I have seen Michael Maharrey several times over the last 8 years…and I would make a drive to hear him again. I’ve only seen him be kind and gracious with fans and dissenters, alike. He takes time to answer questions as thoroughly as possible, and does not brush off a difficult challenge. He is truly a humble person, who desires to make the people around him safer, smarter, kinder, and empowered. Heather Woods, Harmony, FL