The next “most important election of my lifetime” lies just around the corner.

It seems most Americans have fixated their attention on whether the Republicans will wrest control of the Senate away from the Democrats.1_123125_123082_2097394_2107239_040929_evecon_lottovote.jpg.CROP.original-original

What do I think?

Who cares.

My prediction: whether the GOP takes over the Senate or not, one year later the federal government will be larger, more intrusive and further in debt. The NSA will continue to illegally spy on me and the feds will still claim the authority to lock me up indefinitely without charges or due process. I will still get groped at the airport. Bombs will continue to fall in the Middle East. I will still face a tax for not purchasing health insurance.

D.C. politics don’t matter.

It’s time for a new approach.