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The People, the Militia and the Second Amendment


With the gun control debate back on the front-burner, a 2016 MarketWatch article asserting that. “The Second Amendment doesn’t give you the right to own a gun” is making the rounds across social media. The article perpetuates a fundamental misunderstanding of the Bill of Rights and demonstrates the danger of basing your constitutional expertise on […]

Gun People Need to Learn a Lesson from the Weed People


Gun people talk tough. “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead hand.” But all the bluster disappears when talk turns to the Supreme Court and the possibility of an opinion that undermines the Second Amendment. The prospect of a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court nominee has turned millions of gun […]

Gun-Grabbers to the Left of Me, Voyeurs to the Right

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I’ve got gun grabbers to the left of me, voyeurs to the right. In the wake of the Orlando shooting, politicos of both the Republican and Democratic persuasion scrambled to apply Rahm Emanuel’s salient advice. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Right wingers filled my Facebook newsfeed with complaints about the lefty gun-grabbers exploiting […]

Repeal the 2nd Amendment: Feds Still Can’t Regulate Guns


Proponents of federal gun control have seized upon the most recent mass shooting in Orlando to advance their agenda, predictably trotting out the same worn narratives. Chief among these we find the argument that the Second Amendment was only intended to protect a “corporate” right of the “people” to keep and bear arms, and that […]

Thoughts from Maharrey Head #50: Guns


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” I this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about guns in the wake of the most recent mass shooting in Orlando. In the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando, people on the left and right have launched attacks on the Constitution. People on the left want to […]

133 Words or Less: You Don’t ‘Need’ an ‘Assault Rifle’


Over the last few days, several people have said to me, “Nobody needs an ‘assault weapon.’” The implication: nobody should oppose banning such firearms because nobody needs them. I can think of many scenarios I would need a weapon more powerful than a handgun to defend myself, my family and my property. These include any […]

Podcast: Guns


Thoughts from Maharrey Head “10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” In episode #19 of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about guns. We talk about the Second Amendment a lot in the United States. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But the sad truth is, very few people actually understand it. Even some of […]

133 Words or Less: Gun Grabbers Teach Kids Violence is Wrong Using Violence

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An organization called The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence posted this meme. This organization seeks to “strengthen our gun laws.” So, if these people manage to make open carry illegal, and I do it anyway, what happens? Well, some guys with guns show up, take my gun and lock me in a cage. If I […]

Constitution 101: The 2nd Amendment Militia


Two weeks ago, we looked at the Second Amendment and determined that it prohibited any federal infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, and that the prohibition even includes restrictions imposed while exercising legitimate federal power. This week we will look at the connection between the militia and the Second Amendment. “A well […]

Constitution 101: The Second Amendment – Shall Not Infringe


St. George Tucker wrote the first systematic commentary on the U.S. Constitution and stood as one of the preeminent constitutional scholars through the 18th century. Tucker called the right of self-defense the “palladium of liberty.” The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of […]