I’ve been hard on Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin over the last few weeks due to his initial support for a bill that would have set Kentucky on the path toward compliance with a national identification system known as REAL ID. Today I get to reverse course and give credit where credit is due.

As Senate Bill 245 was working its way through the legislature, Bevin made a video in support of the measure. The legislature passed the bill on the final day of of the session. It was a sad display of constitutional infidelity by many state lawmakers.

It seemed likely Bevin would sign the bill into law, buy to his credit, he listened to Kentuckians and vetoed SB245.

I have to admit, I’m pleasantly surprised by Bevin’s change of heart. Apparently he stepped back, looked more closely at the issue and recognized his fidelity to the Constitution and his state’s sovereignty demanded a veto.

It also goes to show the power people have over their state governments. Activists across the Commonwealth rallied to oppose REAL ID. That certainly impacted the governor’s decision.

Chalk up a win for the good guys.