"The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought." - Samuel Adams



Powers Few and Defined: The Original Constitution

The federal government today looks nothing like the vision cast by supporters of the Constitution during its ratification. The decentralized system originally created by the Constitution is explained. In addition, several key clauses that have been reimagined to give the federal government the overreaching authority it exercises today are examined.

The Moderate Middle Road: Resisting Federal Overreach Through State and Local Action

What we are to do when the federal government acts outside of its constitutional authority is disclosed. Between the extremes of outright revolution and unlimited submission lies a moderate middle road. James Madison provided a blueprint to deal with “unwarrantable” federal actions before the Constitution was ratified. Madison’s strategy and how we can apply it today is discussed.

The Road to Freedom: The Joshua Glover Story

The story of a runaway slave’s harrowing escape to freedom. The untold history of the northern conception of state sovereignty that led abolitionists to resist the federal Fugitive Slave Acts is revealed. Through the eyes of Joshua Glover, learn about courage and the support of others necessary to secure liberty.

They Are Watching: The Loss of Liberty Inherent in War

The inevitable expansion of government and the loss of individual liberty that always happens during times of war is examined. From Japanese internment to the Patriot Act, become versed in how government powers grow in the name of security.

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