The federal government has relentlessly tried to enforce marijuana prohibition, but because of state action, it has utterly failed. I appeared on InfoWars Real News with David Knight to talk about Jeff Sessions’ empty threat to crack down on marijuana and more generally about the effectiveness of state nullification.

“No matter what the federal government has tried to do – they’ve increased enforcement, they’ve tried everything in the world. The Supreme Court weighed in on it. And yet, here we are today. We have eight states that have recreational marijuana legalized, we have 30 states with medical marijuana, and there is absolutely nothing the federal government can do about it, no matter what Jeff Sessions says or wants.”

During the first segment, I explained why Jeff Session’s recent marijuana memo is nothing but an empty threat. In the second segment, I explained the constitutional principle of nullification and James Madison’s blueprint. And in the final segment, we got into civil asset forfeiture and the nationalization of state and local police.