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The Evolution of Sovereignty in American Political Thought – Part 1


This is part 1 of a 2-part series examining the evolution of American political thought as it relates to sovereignty in the political system. When Americans talk about the Revolution, they generally mean the fight with the British. But there was a more fundamental revolution that began long before the first shot was fired and […]

Thoughts from Maharrey Head #31: Embracing Tyranny

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“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I explain how America has embraced the very tyranny the founding generation fought to reject. America’s founding generation fought a long, bloody war to free itself from British tyranny. Virtually every American knows this, but very few actually understand what it was […]

America Has Become What the Revolutionaries Sought to Destroy

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Over the last 90 years or so, the United States has transformed into the very thing the founding generation fought to destroy. We learn in elementary history classes that American revolutionaries rejected the notion of a king. But it went beyond that. The founding generation also sought to eradicate the concept of a powerful magistrate […]