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Empire of Lies (Song)


This song started out as just a sampled beat and a base line. Then I found this really cool audio quoting some lines from George Orwell’s 1984. I ended up building the lyric around that. The famous Ron Paul quote “truth is treason in an empire of lies pulled it all together.” For you music […]

The Evolution of Sovereignty in American Political Thought – Part 1


This is part 1 of a 2-part series examining the evolution of American political thought as it relates to sovereignty in the political system. When Americans talk about the Revolution, they generally mean the fight with the British. But there was a more fundamental revolution that began long before the first shot was fired and […]

My Grandfather’s Eulogy


Last weekend, my grandfather passed away. He was 92. Following is the eulogy I delivered at his funeral on June 16, 2016. As you all know the Colonel – as many people called him – wasn’t exactly what you would call a “soft and fluffy” person. He was Army all the way. No-nonsense. Tough-skinned. And […]

Looking Through the Proper Constitutional Lens

Magnifying glass on American Constitution, emphasising the word Election. We the People in background. Sepia toned. The past connecting with the present.

Most Americans believe a Supreme Court opinion automatically makes a given federal action constitutional, even though they have no clue about the actual constitutional issues involved. They are looking through the wrong constitutional lens. For most, it’s not even that they read the court’s opinion and agree with the reasoning. No, they just automatically assume […]

Second Chance: A Christmas Story


John O’Reilly looked dejectedly out the airport window. Cold wind blew across the empty ramp and taxiway, pushing wisps of snow over the barren concrete. Even within the warm confines of the gate area, John felt the chill. Or maybe it was his soul. A plane had just pushed off the jetway and taxied off […]

Monopoly Government: The Power to Git-R-Done

kim davis

Anyone wondering about my general antipathy toward the state need look no further than the circus surrounding gay marriage licenses in Kentucky. The two sides squared off against each other in the Great Kentucky County Clerk Gay Marriage License Debate seem diametrically opposed and impossibly divided by a yawning, unspannable chasm. But at their core, […]

133 Words or Less: Gun Grabbers Teach Kids Violence is Wrong Using Violence

dumb meme

An organization called The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence posted this meme. This organization seeks to “strengthen our gun laws.” So, if these people manage to make open carry illegal, and I do it anyway, what happens? Well, some guys with guns show up, take my gun and lock me in a cage. If I […]

133 Words or Less: Cyber Book Burning

this flag2

I’ve said since the whole Confederate flag controversy blew up that it’s just one small step from taking down flags and removing statues to full-blown censorship. Amazon took that step. The online retailer recently removed This Flag Never Goes Down, a non-fiction book about the Confederate battle flag by historian Michael Dreese. Being a nonfiction […]

Podcast: National Power: A Tool for Slavers


In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I explain how centralized, national power institutionalized and perpetuated slavery in America. The recent controversy over the rebel flag and other Confederate symbols has propelled the issue of slavery into the spotlight. Conventional wisdom inextricably ties the idea of “state rights” to slavery.  Most Americans think southerners […]

Tyranny: Smells Like Lemons

lemonade stand

Cops in Overton, Texas, shut down two little girls’ lemonade stand because they didn’t have the proper permit. According to KTRK TV, the kids were trying to earn money for so they could buy their dad a Father’s Day present. The girls’ mom summed the whole thing up perfectly. I think that’s ridiculous.” Anybody with […]