"The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought." - Samuel Adams

133 Words or Less: Foreign Policy Central Planning Fails Just Like Economic Central Planning

Centralized economic planning fails due to a knowledge problem. No individual, nor group of individuals, can command all of the information necessary to anticipate every possible outcome of a policy. The solution they conceive for one problem inevitably results in unintended consequences and unforeseen negative impacts that ripple through the economy. The American right generally..

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Power v. Authority

Frequently, federal supremacists tell me that the Civil War “settled” the issue of state sovereignty. Essentially, apologists for absolute federal power advancing this argument hold a “might makes right” point of view. From their perspective, the intent of the Constitution means nothing. The fact that Lincoln ultimately fielded superior military force makes his view, and..

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Step Off the 3×5 Card of Acceptable Opinion

I've noticed a lot of Americans have a complete inability to consider any idea that falls outside of the 3x5 index card of acceptable opinion. (Thank you Tom Woods for that vivid metaphor!) When confronted with a concept that strays beyond what they consider "mainstream," I find that many people recoil reflexively. I hear things..

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