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Open Letter to Kentucky State Sen. Albert Robinson on Marijuana and Federal Supremacy


Kentucky state Sen. Albert Robinson (R-London) has been a vocal opponent of legalizing medical marijuana in the commonwealth. He has based his opposition on the Constitution’s “supremacy clause” arguing that Kentucky cannot pass a law that contradicts federal statute. Unfortunately, Sen. Robinson demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of what federal supremacy actually means. He also ignores […]

You Don’t Really Want to Limit Government Power, Do You?

Washington, DC, July 29, 2009 -- NLE'09 in the FEMA Sim Center.  FEMA/Bill Koplitz

We often hear people on both sides of the political aisle complaining about the expansion of federal power. And yet, federal power constantly expands. Why? If everybody is worried about federal encroachment and overreach, why doesn’t anybody do anything to stop it? Why don’t more people insist on strict adherence to constitutional limits on federal […]

Why I Don’t Care All That Much About the Presidential Election


“This is the most important election of our lifetime!” “If [insert candidate’s name here] wins the presidency, it could mean the end of the Republic!” “[Insert candidate’s name here] will shred the Constitution and trample our rights!” I’ve heard these kinds of statements over and over again since the beginning of this election cycle. And […]

Government Failed? I’m Shocked!


If you want to set yourself up for profound disappointment, count on the government to do something for you. We all know this intuitively. When we head out to the DMV, we expect to have a bad experience. And yet millions of Americans place their faith in government institutions every day, expecting the state to […]

133 Words or Less: “Free” Community College


President Obama announced earlier this week that he wants to give all Americans access to “free” community college. I wonder how he plans to do this. Does he have a bag of education that he will tote out and pull some community college out and hand it out? Did Michelle plant some community college bushes […]

Submit to the Law…Always?


In the decades prior to the Civil War, hundreds of men and women risked their own lives and freedom to help blacks escape slavery in the South. I used to consider the people who organized and ran the Underground Railroad heroic, but apparently I was wrong. They were merely lawbreakers who deserved nothing more than […]

Conservative Foreign Policy Centralizers


This question perplexes me: how is it that in the modern conservative mind, when it comes to domestic and economic policy, government can’t do anything right and the people making the decisions are imbeciles, but when it comes to foreign policy, these exact same people suddenly become geniuses? Consider… Conservatives hate the idea of centralized […]

Smash the Frame!


In the wake of the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision, I wrote a blog post for the Tenth Amendment Center arguing that the opinion doesn’t warrant celebration. To you conservatives in celebration mode as you dissect the overlords’ opinion on religious beliefs and health insurance mandates, you might want to pause for just a moment […]

They All Suck


Sometimes I feel like just throwing in the towel. I have to be honest: I didn’t get into political activism because I thought it was a pathway to fame and riches. Anybody involved in this kind of work knows the rewards don’t come in the form of a padded bank account, or even respect and […]

What Brand Am I ?


What brand are you? Are you a libertarian? Are you a conservative? Are you a liberal? Are you an anarchist? Are you a minarchist? Are you a Democrat? Are you a Republican? Are you a constitutionalist? I get these questions a lot. In truth, I suppose it depends on whom gets to write the definitions. […]