Sometimes I feel like just throwing in the towel.

towelI have to be honest: I didn’t get into political activism because I thought it was a pathway to fame and riches. Anybody involved in this kind of work knows the rewards don’t come in the form of a padded bank account, or even respect and status. The people I know doing this kind of work do it because they believe in the message, care about the future, and they feel compelled to try to make a difference.

But sometimes, even that seems like a remote dream. At times, I feel like America has devolved to the point that I am pretty much just banging my head against a concrete wall.

And yes – that kind of hurts!

Having just spent several hours researching and writing a review of a scholarly article about Marbury v. Madison and judicial supremacy, I stumbled across this gem in my Facebook news feed.

Report: America’s Respect for Mitt Romney is Exploding

To quote my friend Ursus Politicus “I want to up-chuck.”

The article touts Romney’s grand predictions during the 2012 presidential campaign.

The former Massachusetts governor said that vouchers were needed to give vets access to private health care, Obamacare would negatively impact millions of people, and if troops were pulled out of Iraq too soon, the nation would fall into the hands of terrorists.

This passes as brilliance? Knowing that the VA was messed up? (Has been as long as I’ve been alive.) Knowing that Obamacare would turn out a disaster? Knowing that Iraq would end up blowing apart at the seams again?

<sarcasm> Wow! What an amazing crystal ball. </sarcasm>

This passes as political thinking in America today. “Blue team bad! Red team good! See, you should have voted team Red!”

This new respect for Romney ignores that fact that his solution for unconstitutional federal intervention into the healthcare system was simply another brand of unconstitutional federal intervention into the healthcare system. It ignores the fact that there were no al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq until G.W. Bush decided it was a good idea to trade one brand of Middle Eastern tyranny for another installed at gunpoint. As for the VA that actually might have been a good idea. As we say in Kentucky, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. I’ll give him that one.

But give him respect?


He deserves no respect because he has no respect for the Constitution. Neither does Obama. Neither do 99.9 percent of the politicians in D.C. And yet we keep playing the same, lame game.

“My guy is better than your guy.”

“Your guy is worse than my guy.”

“My guy is great and your guys sucks.”


They all suck!

Seriously, maybe I should just go back to writing sports stories.