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Constitution 101: The Bill of Rights

bill of rights_cropped

I was originally planning on looking at the Second Amendment this week, but it occurred to me that we should examine the Bill of Rights more generally before digging into specific provisions. Adding a declaration of rights to the Constitution was a condition of ratification for several states, and five state ratification documents included specific […]

Constitution 101: Nullification


So far in the Constitution 101 series, we’ve established that the Constitution created a limited federal government meant to exercise only specific, enumerated powers. All other authority remains with the states and the people. We also discussed the fact that the people stand as the sovereign in the system, and the Constitution was ratified by […]

Constitution 101: Was the Constitution Ratified By States or One American People?


This is the third article in a series on basic constitutional principles. Was the Constitution ratified by the American people as “one nation” or was it ratified by the states? As pointed out in last week’s Constitution 101 post, the people stand as the sovereign in the system. So it was the people who ratified […]