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Trump Is Setting Himself Up as a Fall-Guy: Thoughts from Maharrey Head #120


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” To hear Donald Trump and his Republican supporters tell it, the economy is booming because of wildly successful Trumpanomics. But I think Trump is setting himself to take the fall when the bubble eventually bursts. In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I explain why. LISTEN You can subscribe […]

Trumpanomics: Thoughts from Maharrey Head #105


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” I hear a lot of Republicans in general, and Trump supporters in particular, talking about how great the economy is. The problem is it’s not that great and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Or Barack Obama In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about […]

Want Economic Justice? Break the Federal Monopoly on Money


We hear a lot about income equality in the U.S., but very little about the actual root cause of wealth redistribution – government monetary policy. Through quantitative easing – essentially money printing – the Fed enriches bankers and the political elite while stealing wealth from everyday Americans via currency debasement. Since the creation of the […]