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Irony: Celebrating Emancipation Day on April 15

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Here’s some irony for you. April 16 is “Emancipation Day.” The holiday commemorates the day Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act, freeing more than 3,000 District of Columbia slaves. Since the 16th falls on Saturday this year, the official Emancipation Day holiday got bumped up to Friday, April 15th. Normally that would be you tax […]

Tax the Rich!


Democrats promise a lot of “free” stuff. Free college. Free healthcare. Free daycare. Free this. Free that. Most sane people recognize you don’t get any of this for free.  Somebody has to pay for it all. But this doesn’t phase your average Democrat. Why not? Because the rich will pay for it. It seems America […]

133 Words or Less: Economic Dummies


The level of economic ignorance in America astounds and saddens me. This morning and advocate for a local project told a TV reporter that, “The cost won’t be as high because we’ve got some federal money.” Wrong. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The fact you obtained funds doesn’t change the cost of your project. The price-tag remains […]