On July 18, I spoke at the Libertarian Party of Kentucky District 3 meeting in Louisville, Ky. and explained why I believe the Constitution is so important.

In a word – decentralization.


I stated with a quick overview of the ratification of the Constitution and explained that it undeniably established a very decentralized system and delegated the federal government very few powers. Most authority remains with the states and the people. But Americans have virtually abandoned.

“The reason we’ve gotten to where we are today, is that the truth of the matter is most people do not want decentralized government. Most people want limited government as long as it’s doing all of the things they want it to do.”

Then I stepped on some toes, asserting that libertarians are often no different. They want to use centralized authority to “enforce” liberty. This simply doesn’t work.

“I am convinced that the willingness to centralize the enforcement of rights at every level through the federal government via federal courts is the greatest long-term threat to the ‘liberty movement.’ People are embracing centralized federal supremacy for a few scraps of freedom the powers-that-be throw at them.”

I wrapped up the speech with some practical advise inspired by James Madison in Federalist #46 – Nullify!