Constitution 101

Article I.tifConstitution 101 is a series of articles covering basic constitutional principles.


The Nature of the Federal Government

The Sovereignty of the People

Was the Constitution Ratified by the States or One American People?

Constitutional Interpretation – Living and Breathing is Dead


Federal Supremacy

Who Decides Constitutionality?

The Preamble

The General Welfare Clause

To Provide for the Common Defense

Necessary and Proper, Not Anything and Everything

The Commerce Clause

War Powers

What Does it Mean to Declare War?

The Bill of Rights

Was the Bill of Rights Meant to Apply to the States?

The Incorporation Doctrine and the Bill of Rights

The Second Amendment – Shall Not Infringe

The 2nd Amendment Militia

The Fourth Amendment

Freedom of Speech and the Press, the Palladium of Liberty

First Amendment Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses

Natural Born Citizen

Federal Highway Funding Unconstitutional

Executive Powers

The Ninth Amendment



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