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Obama’s AUMF Is Not Constitutional


Yesterday, Pres. Obama sent a request to Congress for an authorization to use military force against ISIS. The sudden push for congressional authorization for war with ISIS seems a bit odd considering the president asserts he needs no such authorization, especially given the fact that the U.S. has engaged in military options against ISIS since […]

133 Words or Less: “Free” Community College


President Obama announced earlier this week that he wants to give all Americans access to “free” community college. I wonder how he plans to do this. Does he have a bag of education that he will tote out and pull some community college out and hand it out? Did Michelle plant some community college bushes […]

Viral Toddler Argument Video Perfectly Illustrates American Politics


A viral video featuring adorable toddlers arguing about the weather perfectly illustrated politics in America. “It’s sprinkling!” the little boy insists. The little girl remains unconvinced. “No, it’s raining.” So, the boy appeals to a higher authority. “My mom told me it was sprinkling, not raining.” Not to be outdone, the little girl injects her […]

Don’t Be an A-Hole


In order to have a functioning free society, its members must live responsibly and treat each other with basic civility. Critics of conservatives and libertarians often charge that they don’t really care about anybody else and that they exhibit an “I’ll do whatever I want, damn the consequences,” mentality. Sadly, some seem bound and determined […]

Limiting States, Expanding Feds: Amendment Effort on the Left


My latest article just published over at the Tenth Amendment Center. It examines the constitutional amendment proposals of retired Justice John Paul Stevens. To say they are dangerous would be an understatement. Following is an excerpt. You can read the whole article over at the Tenth Amendment Center. Retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens […]