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I Hate Monopolies! Now Give Me A Monopoly!


Americans hate monopolies. Except when they don’t. Consider this Facebook post I ran across taking a free-market advocate to task. Under the system you propose, trillionaires would be created by default. No reasons, crappy or otherwise would be needed. We’d ditch our anti-trust anti-monopoly law because those require a pretty strong central government to investigate […]

Don’t Be an A-Hole


In order to have a functioning free society, its members must live responsibly and treat each other with basic civility. Critics of conservatives and libertarians often charge that they don’t really care about anybody else and that they exhibit an “I’ll do whatever I want, damn the consequences,” mentality. Sadly, some seem bound and determined […]

Does the Bible Demand Political Redistribution of Wealth?


According to a ThinkProgress article, Pope Francis says the bible demands redistribution of wealth. The article reports that “Pope Francis called for ‘the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits’ on Friday.” Francis used the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector (Luke 19:1-10) who pledged to give half of everything he owned to the poor and make […]