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No, Secession is Not Treason


Those seeking to erase Confederate flags and other symbols of the Confederacy from the public sphere most often refer to the association with slavery and racism. I strongly condemn this movement to purge and censor. Tossing inconvenient or uncomfortable history down the proverbial memory hole smacks of Orwellian tyranny. Totalitarian regimes cleanse history. This rising […]

Flag Burning – Symbolism Over Substance


A lot of people get really, really angry about burning the American flag. In fact, over the last few weeks, I’ve read numerous social media comments by people suggesting they would gladly subject flag burners to severe physical injury. Many threats involve kicking a certain part of the offender’s anatomy. The more rational commenters advocate […]

133 Words or Less: Blowing Stuff Up


According to gatekeeper of acceptable opinion Nina Burleigh, of the people you know, I’m probably the one most likely to blow up a building. Why? Because I distrust the federal government and hold the extremist view that it should be limited. Nina thinks my views mirror those of Timothy McVeigh’s, ergo my latent homicidal tendencies. […]

The Might Makes Right “Ethic”


The release of the “torture report” today got me thinking about ethics. Moral and ethical thought, along with broader philosophical concepts, form the foundation of political ideology. I find it interesting to read between the lines in political comments people make and try to figure out what kind of ethical framework they think within. Sadly, […]

Submit to the Law…Always?


In the decades prior to the Civil War, hundreds of men and women risked their own lives and freedom to help blacks escape slavery in the South. I used to consider the people who organized and ran the Underground Railroad heroic, but apparently I was wrong. They were merely lawbreakers who deserved nothing more than […]