I’ve decided I’m going to take a new approach to political activism.

Instead of writing and speaking, you know, putting together reasoned arguments with facts and logic, I’m going to just start punching people that disagree with me.

Apparently, in Tennessee state Senator Brian Kelsey’s bizarre little world, this an acceptable way to “settle” disputes, despite what you might have learned in kindergarten.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee Committee hearing on SB250, Kelsey asserted, “War solves a lot of things.” Later on, while questioning my co-witness Publius Huldah, Kelsey kept asking her what the Civil War “settled.” She correctly observed that it only settled who had the strongest force. But Kelsey wouldn’t relent. Clearly, his was implying that the War Between the States “settled” the issue of state sovereignty.

So, if I am understanding Brian correctly, if he declares 2+2=5 and then he beats me relentlessly with his gavel until I agree with him, that “settles the issue” of 2+2.

It’s five.

“Might makes right” in the sad little world of Brian Kelsey.