Today’s political outrage revolves around allegations that Melania Trump plagiarized part of a Michelle Obama speech.

A passage from Melania’s speech in Cleveland was nearly a verbatim rehash of part of Michelle’s 2008 DNC speech.

A friend of mine condescendingly noted that Trump supporters wouldn’t care.

Of course, he’s right. They don’t care. No more than Obama supporters cared when he allegedly plagiarized a speech during his 2008 primary campaign run against Hillary Clinton.

You can bet your last dollar that many of the same people on the left pillorying Trump today gave Obama a pass in ’08. And no doubt some of those Obama critics eight years ago have rushed to defend Trump.

I don’t mean to justify Trump’s plagiarism. I merely hope to point out the ridiculous nature of partisan politics. People find themselves reduced to defending the very same thing they once condemned – and vice versa – merely based on the brand-names associated with the actors involved. Behaviors become acceptable or unacceptable based on the existence of an R or a D next to a name.


And Americans think these people will solve their problems.

The real lesson here is that partisan electoral politics is dumb.