Sometimes You Just Have to Let ‘Em Have It

Snarkiness and sarcasm come pretty easy for me; no doubt about it.

Generally, I try to take the high road when addressing statists, progressives and other opponents of nullification. But, sometimes I lose my cool. Let’s face it; you can only be called a racist, slavery loving, ignorant, uneducated, redneck, fool so many times before you snap back.

Here’s thing that really irks me about the name-calling – the fact that some of these people are so smug and arrogant, yet absolutely, demonstrably wrong! Here’s what a lot of this rhetoric sounds like to me, especially the racism – slavery stuff.

“Man, that stupid idiot thinks the sky is blue. Can you believe anybody could be so uneducated? He must hate birds.”

So, every once in a while, I set aside the reasoned approach and just launch. I’m not sure it is any more effective, but it aids in preserving my sanity.

You can read my latest smackdown HERE.


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