I feel most at peace on the beach. dock2small

I think it has a lot to do with the vastness of the ocean. As I watch the waves roll in and out, mindless of the latest world events or political debate, I remember that so much of what I fret over has very little significance in the big picture. The pelicans don’t care about the latest conflict with Russia. The dolphins frolicking in the waves care nothing about the latest government overreach. The seagulls squawk and peck oblivious to the latest economic gloom and doom. The waves were rolling up on the beach long before I came trodding along the shore. And they will continue long after I’m gone.

The ocean provides me with a sense of perspective. My striving means very little in the big scheme of things. My significance flows out of my relationship with my creator, and the endless droning on Fox News, CNN and Facebook do nothing to change that.

I spend a great deal of time fighting for peace and liberty. But as I sat watching the waves roll in and out this morning, I was reminded that I must find true peace and true freedom within my own heart. It is there that the battle is won or lost.

And for me, that battle is won. In fact, the victory was sealed some 2,000 years ago on a barren hillside pierced with three wooden crosses.

I am at peace.

I am free.

I just have to learn to live that way.

I think I spend too much time plugged in. I lose perspective, and I allow the external to drive me. I needed this short time away to tap into my own inner peace. To pray. To connect with God.

I cannot fight the external world when my inner world becomes embroiled in chaos.

Looking back over my life, I realize that I’ve often allowed people to rob me of my peace, to suck me into conflict. I realize how many times I’ve allowed external circumstances to hold me in bondage. I can’t control others. I can’t control circumstances. But I can control my response. I have to tap into my inner peace. I must throw off the chains others would place upon me.

I must.

And with God’s help…I will.

I feel compelled to fight. Liberty calls me like a Siren’s song. I long for peace. That means standing up against those who endlessly beat the war drums. That means saying no to those who seek power and grasp at it so they can control us all. But to persevere, I must root out those things that wage war against my own heart. I must remain vigilant and refuse to allow circumstances or toxic people to chain me up and steal my peace.

I must walk in peace to fight for peace.

I must live free to fight for freedom.

Perspective is good.

Now, back to the fight.