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Dear Republican,

I hear you’re a little miffed at Obama’s National Security Agency collecting phone records of millions of innocent American Verizon customers. I read some comments on the “bombshell” over at Townhall.com. Guy Benson seems displeased.

I here ya!

I’m more than a little perturbed myself. I was always under the impression that the Fourth Amendment limited the federal government’s power to snoop around in innocent people’s private affairs without a warrant.

But I have to admit, I’m a little confused about your indignation. After all, you made it all possible!

Remember the Patriot Act?

Yup. It was your guy, George W. Bush, who insisted the feds needed these broad, sweeping powers to “protect us from the terrorists.” When civil libertarians protested and invoked the Constitution, you ridiculed them and swore it was “only for the terrorists.” You insisted these powers were absolutely necessary to “keep us safe.” I guess you never stopped to think “your guy” wouldn’t remain in power forever.

Nice bed you made.


This vividly illustrates why we should NEVER compromise when it comes to stretching the limits of government power. You may find comfort in the fact “your guy” will control the power and earnestly believe he has our best interest at heart. You may think opening that power door will be awesome because it furthers your particular agenda. But you can’t guarantee “your guy” will remain in control forever. Eventually, those “other guys” will get control. And when they move in, they not only get to take over your guy’s” coffee maker and chauffeured limo, they get all of those powers left lying around too.

Sooo… now a guy you don’t like has control of the very powers you insisted were essential when “your guy” was in charge. How’s that safety working out for ya?

Sorry. Your righteous indignation just doesn’t register. That’s what you get when you support “your guy” snooping around in the name of “National Security.”


A spied on American

P.S. Democrats: where’s the outrage?