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133 Words or Less: Terror as a Jobs Program


When you decimate a region’s economy with years of war, warrior becomes the only viable job option. Conventional wisdom holds religious ideology motivates ISIS fighters. Recent interviews by Lydia Wilson prove this an oversimplification. He was working as a laborer to support his huge family when he hurt his back and lost his job. It […]

133 Words or Less: Gun Grabbers Teach Kids Violence is Wrong Using Violence

dumb meme

An organization called The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence posted this meme. This organization seeks to “strengthen our gun laws.” So, if these people manage to make open carry illegal, and I do it anyway, what happens? Well, some guys with guns show up, take my gun and lock me in a cage. If I […]

133 Words or Less: Blowing Stuff Up


According to gatekeeper of acceptable opinion Nina Burleigh, of the people you know, I’m probably the one most likely to blow up a building. Why? Because I distrust the federal government and hold the extremist view that it should be limited. Nina thinks my views mirror those of Timothy McVeigh’s, ergo my latent homicidal tendencies. […]

133 Words or Less: Economic Dummies


The level of economic ignorance in America astounds and saddens me. This morning and advocate for a local project told a TV reporter that, “The cost won’t be as high because we’ve got some federal money.” Wrong. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The fact you obtained funds doesn’t change the cost of your project. The price-tag remains […]

133 Words or Less: Peas in a Pod – Security Hawks and Global Warming Alarmists


Security-hawks are the conservative Republican equivalent of progressive global warming alarmists. For years, global warming fear-mongers told us we will all probably die if we don’t let them implement their political policies. They predicted a looming ice age. Then they predicted polar ice would melt. They predicted seas would rise and floodwater would inundate coastal […]

133 Words or Less: ‘Conservative’ Central Planners


I often see very little difference in the core political philosophies of the left and the right. The other day, a self-described conservative berated me for criticizing the Texas Enterprise Fund, a program that awards public money to private businesses in order to lure them to Texas. She couldn’t understand how I could oppose a […]