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Are the Poor Getting Poorer?


The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer? We’ve heard this so many times, most accept it as true without even thinking about it. But in reality, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting richer. Steve Horwitz, PhD from St. Lawrence University break it down in this short video. […]

Interview with the Forgotten Men

I chatted with the Forgotten Men last Saturday, discussing the OffNow campaign to stop NSA spying at the state and local level. After establishing that we cannot count on Congress, the president or federal courts to rein in the NSA, I explained the basic strategy and the anti-commandeering doctrine it is based on. I also […]

Academic Hubris


You can find a lot of hubris in the world of academia. Every once in a while, I get an email or a comment on an article challenging my arguments based on my credentials. They will claim I can’t possibly know what I’m talking about because I’m not a lawyer. Or they will insist I […]

Obamacare Website: A Broken Door to a Doomed System


Imagine for a moment visiting a business for the first time. From the outside, it looks impressive. A beautifully painted sign invites you to buy the company’s product. The windows are clean and new paint glistens on the walls. But as you try to enter, the handle snaps off in your hand and the heavy […]

Time for a Liberty Revolution in the Church

In one fundamental sense, I see little difference between the religious right and the religious left. Both groups want to use government to impose morality on others. The Christian left often chides the Christian right for seeking to impose sexual morality, drug prohibition and abortion laws on Americans. They call the religious right “intolerant” and […]