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Constitution 101: Privileges and Immunities


Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution states that “the citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.” Often referred to as the “comity clause,” Alexander Hamilton called it “the basis of the union.” In his paper Origins of the Privileges and Immunities of State […]

133 Words or Less: I Love the Constitution Until I Don’t


This quote from a Facebook comment sums up everything wrong with the “conservative” movement in America. I’m all for state’s rights, but sometimes a federal rule makes sense! News flash: you aren’t really “all for state’s rights.” This particular individual wants the federal government to force every state to recognize every other state’s conceal-carry permit. […]

Constitution 101: Federal Highway Funding Unconstitutional


With a single headline, I just relegated myself to the political fringe. Federal highway funding is unconstitutional. Most people immediately dismissed this statement as out of hand. Extreme. Kookie. This illustrates just how far Americans have strayed from our constitutional roots. Notice what I did not say. I didn’t suggest the federal government shouldn’t fund […]

Obama’s AUMF Is Not Constitutional


Yesterday, Pres. Obama sent a request to Congress for an authorization to use military force against ISIS. The sudden push for congressional authorization for war with ISIS seems a bit odd considering the president asserts he needs no such authorization, especially given the fact that the U.S. has engaged in military options against ISIS since […]

Constitution 101: First Amendment Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… The establishment clause of the First Amendment probably counts as the provision in the Bill of Rights most twisted from its original purpose. The establishment clause was intended as a further limitation on federal power, prohibiting the establishment of […]