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Interview: Defying the Surveillance State Locally


I recently¬†appeared on the Culture of Peace podcast hosted by Luke Tatum to talk about defying the surveillance state through local action. During the interview, I talked about how and why I started a local organization to bring oversight and transparency to surveillance in Lexington, Kentucky. I also explained how my efforts ended up getting […]

Cult of Personality: Thoughts from Maharrey Head #119


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” It seems like half of America suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. He could give every person in the country a bar of gold and people with TDS would protest it. On the other hand, we have the Trump worshipers. He could kill puppies on stage and they would tell you […]

Conceal Carry Reciprocity and the Constitution: Thoughts from Maharrey Head #118

conceal carry

“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” A lot of people are pushing for Congress to mandate conceal carry reciprocity. It may sound like a great idea, but there are some serious constitutional issues. In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I focus specifically on the idea that the “full faith and credit” clause authorizes Congress […]

The Price of Liberty: Thoughts from Maharrey Head #117


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” A lot of people blame the Constitution for the continual expansion of the federal government. But this is kind of silly. It’s like blaming a contract when one party refuses to uphold it. If the other party doesn’t bother to enforce it, you can’t blame the contract. The real problem […]

Fighting the Surveillance State in My Own Backyard – Interview on Scott Horton Show


I recently appeared on the Scott Horton show to talk about the lawsuit the city of Lexington, Kentucky, filed against me over an open records request, and how local efforts can put a dent in the ever-expanding federal surveillance state. (more…)