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Want Economic Justice? Break the Federal Monopoly on Money


We hear a lot about income equality in the U.S., but very little about the actual root cause of wealth redistribution – government monetary policy. Through quantitative easing – essentially money printing – the Fed enriches bankers and the political elite while stealing wealth from everyday Americans via currency debasement. Since the creation of the […]

Planned Parenthood Funding Unconstitutional; So is Republican Defunding Plan

defund planned

One of the great debates over the last few weeks has centered around Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. The brouhaha started with the release of a series of undercover videos produced by anti-abortion activists that appeared to prove the organization sells fetal tissue. That prompted conservatives to call on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. […]

Is it Time for the Supreme Court to Weigh in on Cousin Marriage?


Did you know Kentucky state law bans marriage between first cousins? But you will find no such prohibition right across the border in Virginia. So, here are a couple of questions. Doesn’t Kentucky’s law against first cousins getting married discriminate? And doesn’t it violate the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause (As interpreted by the Supreme […]

Monopoly Government: The Power to Git-R-Done

kim davis

Anyone wondering about my general antipathy toward the state need look no further than the circus surrounding gay marriage licenses in Kentucky. The two sides squared off against each other in the Great Kentucky County Clerk Gay Marriage License Debate seem diametrically opposed and impossibly divided by a yawning, unspannable chasm. But at their core, […]