Archive | March, 2015

Maharrey Testifies Before Alaska Senate Committee on Bill to Take On NSA Spying


Following is my testimony before the Alaska Senate Community and Regional Affairs Committee in support of SB13, a bill that would would ban “material support or resources” to the NSA. Last year, the Alaska Senate passed a powerful resolution condemning NSA spying and proclaiming that the Alaska State Legislature “will not assist the federal government […]

Beware of J.D. Impairment – Lawyers Don’t Necessarily Know the Constitution


When it comes to constitutional issues, most lawyers in America suffer from what I call J.D. impairment.  I don’t mean to disparage lawyers. But by and large, they don’t have a clue about the actual meaning of the Constitution. Of course, most Americans don’t have a clue either. What makes this particularly problematic when it […]

Podcast: Why You Should Care About the Surveillance State


In episode #3 of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about the intrusiveness of the NSA and why you should care. The NSA collects our e-mail, phone records, location information, Internet browsing history and other electronic data all without a warrant and with very little oversight. And yet, many Americans seem unconcerned about this gross […]

Podcast: The Constitutional Ramifications of Net Neutrality


In episode 2 of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I consider the constitutional ramifications of “net neutrality” regulations. Last week, the FCC unilaterally voted to regulate Internet service providers under a scheme known as “net neutrality.” This raises a number of constitutional questions. Does the FCC have the constitutional authority to impose such regulations? Can Congress […]