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Thou Shalt Associate…

As I’ve listened to the debate swirling around the issue of whether or not a business owner should be allowed to deny service to a gay person due to their religious convictions, I have to wonder if those supporting a policy of coerced association hold consistently to their stated principle. In other words, do they […]

I wish I didn’t care


That apathetic drive me crazy. And I want to join them. Like most politically engaged people, I often find myself railing against those who really don’t care. I try hard not to resort to denigrating terms like “sheeple,” but I do launch into the occasional diatribe, bemoaning the hopelessly uninformed, and the pessimistic do-nothing attitudes […]

Talking NSA Spying on Chicago Radio

I had my first somewhat adversarial radio interview on the OffNow coalition’s Fourth Amendment Protection Act yesterday. I think I more than held my own. I appeared on the Big John & Amy show aired by AM 560 The Answer in Chicago. After I explained the basics of the Fourth Amendment Protection Act and our […]

I Can’t Keep Her Safe


My 16-year-old daughter wrecked her car last week. She lost control, went down an embankment and through a fence. One of the fence posts came around and obliterated a back window. Thank goodness she was not hurt. But that fact didn’t make the whole situation any easier for her old man to handle. The accident […]