Archive | March, 2014

Talking Obamacare Nullification on the Freedomworks Podcast

I recently sat down and chatted with Brad Jackson on the Freedomworks podcast on efforts to nullify Obamacare at the state level. I shared good news about a recently passed bill in Georgia that lays the foundation for stopping Obamacare implementation and also talked about establishment Republican efforts to kill an anti-commandeering bill in South […]

No. We Shouldn’t Follow Every ‘Rule’


I recently wrote an article suggesting that the president should not enforce every act of Congress. My argument primarily rests on those already articulated by founding era figures, specifically Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  You can read the article HERE. I wasn’t surprised by the negative reaction I got from some readers. In today’s political […]

Speaking at the Tennessee Libertarian State Convention


I spoke to an enthusiastic audience at the Tennessee Libertarian Convention on Saturday, March 15. I talked about the danger of centralization and why we should emphatically resist it. I compared government monopoly with corporate monopoly and raised the question: why do so many people abhor one while enthusiastically embracing the other? I shared with […]

Crimea – A Matter of Sovereignty


One of the arguments bandied about to justify US intervention in the Crimean situation revolves around the constitutionality of the upcoming referendum. The people of Crimea will decide whether to remain part of the Ukraine, or split off and align with Russia. Most observers believe the vote will fall on the side of secession, considering […]

Smacked with the Race Card


I have to confess; it gets under my skin when people call me a racist. Most things people throw around in political debates roll right off my back. But the racist charge stings. It really shouldn’t. When an opponent screams “racist,” or its first cousin “neo-confederate,” it clearly indicates he has no leg to stand […]

Walk in Peace. Live Free


I feel most at peace on the beach. I think it has a lot to do with the vastness of the ocean. As I watch the waves roll in and out, mindless of the latest world events or political debate, I remember that so much of what I fret over has very little significance in […]