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Podcast: The Pledge of Allegiance


In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about the Pledge of Allegiance. We’ve said the words thousands of times. We know them by rote. “I pledge allegiance to the flag…” But does the Pledge of Allegiance actually represent an accurate vision of the United States? Or is it communicating something altogether different […]

133 Words or Less: Economic Dummies


The level of economic ignorance in America astounds and saddens me. This morning and advocate for a local project told a TV reporter that, “The cost won’t be as high because we’ve got some federal money.” Wrong. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The fact you obtained funds doesn’t change the cost of your project. The price-tag remains […]

133 Words or Less: Peas in a Pod – Security Hawks and Global Warming Alarmists


Security-hawks are the conservative Republican equivalent of progressive global warming alarmists. For years, global warming fear-mongers told us we will all probably die if we don’t let them implement their political policies. They predicted a looming ice age. Then they predicted polar ice would melt. They predicted seas would rise and floodwater would inundate coastal […]

133 Words or Less: D.C. Chickens Come Home to Roost in NYC


Washington D.C. chickens have come home to roost in NYC. According to CBS New York, the iconic neon billboards in Times Square must come down or the city will lose $94 million in federal highway funds. Under a 2012 federal law, Times Square qualifies as an arterial route to the national highway system, placing it […]

Podcast: Al Sharpton’s Dumb Idea


In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about Al Sharpton’s dumb plan to federalize policing. The Reverend Al Sharpton has come up with a solution for the problem of the use of excessive force by cops. He wants a police monopoly. What a great idea, right? I mean, everybody knows that when […]

A Sad Truth: Most of You Love Your Police State


The majority of you love your police state. You don’t mind local cops driving around in armored vehicles toting military grade weapons. You don’t mind bulk surveillance, databases full of location information on millions of Americans, or cameras peering down at them from every corner. You don’t even really mind cops shooting people in the […]