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Thoughts from Maharrey Head #22: Can One Person Change the World?


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about doing the right thing, and the potential of one person to change the world. Can one person change the world? I think it’s possible. Rosa Parks demonstrates the power of a single individual doing the right thing. In this […]

The Federal Government Fails to Stop Federal Government Spying…Again


Federal courts once again failed to protect Americans from ubiquitous NSA spying. On Friday, US District Judge T.S. Ellis III dismissed a suit against the NSA brought by the ACLU on behalf of Wikimedia, the parent company that publishes Wikipedia. The judge held the company lacks standing to sue because it cannot definitively prove the […]

Thoughts from Maharrey Head: Nullification and Weed


“10 Minutes Closer to Freedom” In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I talk about weed! A lot of people are still pretty skeptical about nullification. They claim it won’t work. They think the federal government is just too powerful. But nullification can work. And it does. The proof is in the weed. In […]

Constitution 101: Executive Power


Article II of the Constitution defines the role and qualifications of the president. As it does for Congress, the Constitution delegates specific powers and responsibilities to the executive branch – the power of appointment, the power to make treaties with the advice and consent of Congress, veto power, etc. These specific powers are relatively clear […]

Tax the Rich!


Democrats promise a lot of “free” stuff. Free college. Free healthcare. Free daycare. Free this. Free that. Most sane people recognize you don’t get any of this for free.  Somebody has to pay for it all. But this doesn’t phase your average Democrat. Why not? Because the rich will pay for it. It seems America […]

America Has Become What the Revolutionaries Sought to Destroy

john sullivan

Over the last 90 years or so, the United States has transformed into the very thing the founding generation fought to destroy. We learn in elementary history classes that American revolutionaries rejected the notion of a king. But it went beyond that. The founding generation also sought to eradicate the concept of a powerful magistrate […]