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Constitution 101: The Second Amendment – Shall Not Infringe


St. George Tucker wrote the first systematic commentary on the U.S. Constitution and stood as one of the preeminent constitutional scholars through the 18th century. Tucker called the right of self-defense the “palladium of liberty.” The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of […]

Conservative Foreign Policy Centralizers


This question perplexes me: how is it that in the modern conservative mind, when it comes to domestic and economic policy, government can’t do anything right and the people making the decisions are imbeciles, but when it comes to foreign policy, these exact same people suddenly become geniuses? Consider… Conservatives hate the idea of centralized […]

In 133 Words or Less: Libertarian Centralizers

2010 US Supreme Court Class Photo

I run into a lot of people who want to use federal power to impose liberty. I call them libertarian centralizers. They advocate using federal courts and Congressional mandates to force smaller entities such as states, local governments and private businesses to observe libertarian principles, including gun rights, recognizing same-sex marriage and respecting privacy. While […]