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133 Words or Less: Midterm Congressional Elections – They Just Don’t Matter


The next “most important election of my lifetime” lies just around the corner. It seems most Americans have fixated their attention on whether the Republicans will wrest control of the Senate away from the Democrats. What do I think? Who cares. My prediction: whether the GOP takes over the Senate or not, one year later […]

CDC Ebola Response a Lesson in Big Government


Thus far, one can only deem the CDC response to the Ebola an unmitigated disaster. Most Americans seem to view the CDC Three Stooges Show as typical big-government incompetence, with a few conspiracy theorists proposing more sinister scenarios. I’m not aware of anybody heaping praise on the CDC for its outstanding work. Public response to […]

My Confession


Some people call me an extremist. Confession time. It’s true! My vision for a decentralized system and non-interventionist foreign policy certainly fall outside of the acceptable political views spanning the vast gulf between the ideals of Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi. Of course, when people call me extreme, I’m sure they don’t mean it as […]

Why do Americans Trust the Government?


Most Americans trust their government. They shouldn’t. People often reveal this default position in the way they respond to any suggestion that the government might act with intentionally nefarious intent. They will throw around words like “stupid,” “absurd,” and “idiotic,” without actually engaging the argument itself. They view the possibility of intentional government malfeasance so […]

I Fear Fear


I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately. Between the Ebola and ISIS, many Americans seem to be in a state of near panic. The Ebola, in particular, seems to have the general population particularly scared. In fact, some of the social media commentary I’ve seen borders on hysteria. I really can’t put it into […]

133 Words Or Less: Legitimizing and Celebrating Theft


Progressives went into a collective spasm of glee last week after Germany announced it would offer “free” college tuition to Americans and other international students. Of course, in reality, free tuition does not exist. The German government will forcibly confiscate money from one group of people and give it to another group i.e. theft. Here […]

133 Words or Less: “Conservatives” Support the Draft, Affirm the Collective


This morning, a local conservative radio host posted a Facebook question. “Should we bring back the draft?” I was amazed at the number of people who voiced support for government action that amounts to slavery. They apparently believe the “state” owns me and has an inherent right to commandeer my labor for its purposes without […]

133 Words or Less: Politicians Lie About ‘Creating’ Jobs


With campaign season in full swing, I’m subjected daily to candidates promising they’ll “create jobs.” Politicians don’t create jobs. At best, they entice job producers to locate within their districts. That’s great for some people. Not so great for others. Also, politicians must spend tax money to “create” jobs. That represents money now unavailable for […]