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Police Departments Institutionalizing Violence

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It seems like every day I read an article about police brutality like this one. So often these stories of beat-downs, and even shootings, start with minor offenses such as speeding or jaywalking. In the story linked above, an 84-year-old man jaywalked in New York City. The police were apparently doing enhanced enforcement in the […]

A Few Thoughts on Mark Levin


The Tenth Amendment Center has been under attack by radio pundit Mark Levin over the last couple of weeks. He’s called us leftists, kooks and neo-confederates. On a side-note, I would love for somebody to explain to me exactly what a “neo-confederate” is. I guess it’s supposed to be bad. Anyway, you can follow that […]

A Quick Personal Note


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, so I wanted to provide a little personal update. The holiday season explains some of my absence, but a recent back injury is the real culprit. I herniated a disc, and the recovery has been arduous to say the least. For a few days, I couldn’t walk at […]